Its history, its teams, its vineyards…

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Over 400 years of history

The history of the Château

Immerse yourself in the fascinating past of Château Monlot, a majestic 17th-century building of blonde stone in the heart of the prestigious Saint-Émilion vineyards, marked by four centuries of history.

The teams

Meet the Château Monlot team, dedicated enthusiasts who combine their expertise and love of wine to produce exceptional vintages. Each plays a decisive role in the tireless quest for winemaking excellence.

The vineyard

Discover the Château Monlot vineyard, a veritable gift of nature, where each plot of land is pampered to give birth to wines of character. This is where the art of viticulture takes on its full meaning, in harmony with a unique, carefully preserved terroir.

Château Monlot’s rich past: From royalty to winemaking excellence

From its construction on royal land to its transmission to various eminent families, discover the the history of this exceptional residence.

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From royal origin to Capet seigneury (17th century)

The story of Château Monlot begins in the time of King Louis XIII, in the heart of what was then a simple hunting lodge. It was here that the Marquis de Beuvron and the Comtesse de Guerchy were granted their lands. The estate was then attached to the Capet seigneury.

A name for Château Monlot (1763 - 1803)

In 1763, the Taillade family took over the Château. A few decades later, in 1803, the inheritance passed to the Ichon family. Monlot was born when the Seigneurie de Capet was divided into three lots. This previously nameless château has now found its identity, its imprint and its future.

A new lease of life under the Rivals (1990 - 2011)

A new chapter began in 1990 with Bernard and Béatrice Rivals. Seduced by the house’s undeniable charm, they decided to buy it. Under their aegis, the Château underwent a veritable metamorphosis, seeing the quality of its wines rise to new heights.

The advent of Zhao Wei and the era of renewal (Since 2011)

From 2011, the transformation of Château Monlot takes on a new dimension whenactress Zhao Wei becomes the new owner of the Château.. This marks the beginning of an exciting renewal for the château and its vineyards. From the restructuring of the vineyard to the complete renovation of the winery, not forgetting the complete refurbishment of the residence, Château Monlot is back on track, flying the flag for the Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation.

Le vignoble

Chateau Monlot - The vineyard

The vineyard: An exceptional terroir

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Nestled in the heart of Saint-Emilion, Château Monlot’s 8-hectare vineyard is divided into two distinct sectors, which reveal the soul of this historic estate. On one side, 5 hectares of clay-silica soils, mostly dedicated to our second wine, Héritage de Monlot. On the other, 3 hectares flanked by hillsides, offering clay-limestone soils, a reservoir of minerality for our wines.

Concerned about preserving the environment in which Château Monlot takes shape, we are HVE 3 certified and are committed to responsible farming that respects the local flora and fauna.

The grape varieties are 75% Merlot, providing roundness, opulence and an aromatic palette ranging from raspberry to red cherry. The remaining 25% is Cabernet Franc, the quintessential Bordeaux grape variety, providing structure, fine tannins and notes of raspberries, violets and spices. Our vines, on average thirty years old, reflect this exceptional Saint-Émilion terroir.



Winemaking: know-how and dedication

At Château Monlot, winemaking is an art that involves several stages, all essential to the creation of our precious nectars. The harvest, first carried out plot by plot at optimum grape maturity, is a meticulous dance orchestrated with our consultant oenologist. Early harvesting ensures freshness and preserves aromas.

The berries are then meticulously sorted and de-stemmed before passing through a delicate crusher, releasing their juice without chewing. This is followed by alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, where manual pumping and chemical transformations follow one another to extract color and convert sugar into alcohol.

After malolactic fermentation, which reduces the wine’s acidity, comes the blending stage, where we define the unique signature of our cuvées. The wine is then placed in French oak barrels, where it matures for 12 to 18 months. Finally, bottling seals our work, before the wines return to the tranquility of our cellars to mature.

Between tradition and innovation, respect for the terroir and exceptional know-how, the Château Monlot vineyard offers wines of character, a reflection of this unique Saint-Emilion location.

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Château Monlot

With a clay-limestone soil worthy of the best Saint-Emilion terroirs, Château Monlot is the assurance of a balanced, complex wine that will surprise you with its soft tannins and long finish. Thanks to a rigorous selection of berries, this wine reveals the very best of the Saint-Emilion terroir through a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the appellation’s flagship grape varieties. A wine for laying down!

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Monlot heritage

Its fresh, fruity character makes it an easy wine to enjoy. The omnipresence of Merlot gives it roundness and present yet silky tannins, with a lively bouquet of red fruit. A wine that can be enjoyed today and tomorrow!

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lee kaka
lee kaka
8 Avril 2023
Cristina C
Cristina C
7 Septembre 2022
La proprietà consiste in 8 ettari e produce 2 vini,appartiene ad una famosa attrice cinese dal 2011 che ha ristrutturato sia la parte privata dell’edificii che ha 4 secoli che la zona tecnica,cantina e barriccaia.Molto interessante la visita di tutte queste aree e la degustazione finsle,noi abbiamo scelto quella da 5 vini,i 2 rossi dello chateau più altri 3 prodotti in altri chateau della stessa proprieta’,vini tutti di elevato livello,molto professionale e simpatica Caroline,che si è presa cura di noi per visita e degustazione.Uso del Coravin per ogni bottiglia degustata,la sala degustazione e’bellissima. Grazie ancora Caroline,e’bello vedere tanto amore nel lavoro che si fa,e buon inizio di vendemmia per domani!
Alain Alain
Alain Alain
3 Août 2022
Très beau domaine et château ! La visite suivi de la dégustation ont été très instructive et gustative ! Je recommande Les millésimes 2011 du château Monlot et héritage, au TOP!
helen x
helen x
14 Juillet 2022
It was a nice impromptu visit while visiting St Emilion, in May 2022. the Owner Vicky Zhao has done a lot of renovations at the place, with nice Asian/Chinese touch. VIcky Zhao (Zhao Wei) is a popular actress/director/movie star in CHina/Asia. The staff were very hospitable and nice, gave us a tour without advance in booking. We visited the facility,the ground, and enjoyed a couple of good wine, highly recommend it.