Discovery of the winery and tasting of Château Monlot wines

Immerse yourself in the Universe of Wine in Saint-Émilion: Exclusive tours and tastings at Château Monlot.


Immerse yourself in Saint-Émilion’s rich winegrowing heritage
through our tours and tastings
at Château Monlot.

Discover the art of winemaking, share moments in the heart of nature, and awaken your senses by tasting our wines in the heart of an exceptional terroir.


Whatever your level of knowledge, our tours and tastings are designed for everyone . Whether you simply wish to taste the château’s wines, discover several Bordeaux appellations, or enjoy a more privileged experience, there’s a formula to suit you. Let yourself be guided into the world of Château Monlot and enjoy a unique moment in the heart of Saint-Émilion.

Chateau Monlot - Visits

Classic visit

Discovery of Château Monlot

This wine tour is an invitation to explore the history and authenticity of our estate. You’ll tour our iconic vineyard, discover our brand new vat room and cellar, and learn about Saint-Émilion’s rich wine heritage. To conclude your sensory journey, you will taste the two flagship wines of our estate, embodying the unique character of the Château Monlot terroir.

15 €

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Chateau Monlot - Visits

MRS.V range tasting

Tasting of 5 wines from the MRS.V range

Immerse yourself in the art of winemaking with this second activity offered by Château Monlot. at Château Monlot. Discover our vineyards, vat room and cellar, and get a full explanation of our wine-making process. This journey to the heart of wine production culminates in a dedicated tasting of 5 selected wines from the MRS V range. An immersive wine tourism experience, combining tradition, know-how and the delicate art of Bordeaux wine tasting.

25 €

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TASTING OF 5 WINES from the mrs.v. range

Chateau Monlot - Visits


The ultimate Château Monlot experience

Our Privilege Tasting is the pinnacle of the wine tours offered by Château Monlot. Immerse yourself in the world of the estate and take a seat in our tasting room for a special moment. You’ll have the pleasure of tasting Château Monlot wines from different vintages, accompanied by a variety of dishes that will highlight the beauty of the Saint-Émilion terroir.

70 €

verre a vin rempli
tasting of  CHÂTEAU wines (5), FOOD AND WINE PAIRING

Chateau Monlot - Visits
Chateau Monlot - Visits
Chateau Monlot - Visits

What is an authentic visit?

An authentic visit is one where you’re greeted with a smile, whatever the weather outside. It’s a time when we don’t just tell you the story of Monlot, we create a real moment of sharing with our guests.

Taking part in a visit to our vineyard means trying to understand everything that goes into creating a wine or a vintage. It’s also about grasping the importance of each stage and the extent to which the work of man sublimates an already extraordinary terroir.

When it comes to tasting, it’s always with emotion that we share our feelings about a wine that never ceases to surprise us with each passing vintage. Each tasting moment is as unique as each moment spent with the guests who come to meet us.

Our visitors come from all over the world, each with their own tastes and wine-drinking habits. It’s this sharing of habits and sensations that makes each visit unique for both you and us.

What’s more, a visit to Saint-Emilion, at the heart of one of the world’s most renowned wine-growing regions, is also a cultural experience, where the discovery of wine blends with the discovery of the region’s history and architecture.

Château Monlot offers 3 types of tours for everyone. A unique opportunity to discover the excellence of its wines and the incredible terroir of Saint-Émilion.


How do I book a visit?

Booking a visit to Saint-Emilion at Château Monlot is quick and easy. Simply contact us via our online booking form, choose the workshop you’re interested in and let us know the number of participants and the desired date. We will promptly confirm your reservation and provide you with all the details you need for your visit.

Do you need accommodation nearby?

Château Monlot offers a unique accommodation experience at Petit Monlot, just a few steps from the Château. This charming residence elegantly blends the authenticity of Bordeaux’s heritage with modern comfort to offer you a memorable stay in the heart of the vineyards.

Each room at Petit Monlot has been designed with your comfort and well-being in mind, with modern amenities and tasteful decor. Enjoy a warm, personalized welcome, a delicious breakfast prepared with local produce and expert advice on discovering the treasures of Saint-Emilion and the surrounding region.

By staying at Petit Monlot, you’re ideally placed to discover the fascinating world of Saint-Emilion wine. Take a tourof Château Monlot, explore the surrounding vineyards and taste the region’s excellent wines. Visit Petit Monlot is more than just a place to stay, it’s your starting point for an unforgettable wine tourism adventure.

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